Thursday, 31 March 2011

March-ing onwards with Spring in my step

I have been putting off creating this blog for far too long.

I put it off. I gathered thoughts for it. I even jotted some down.

Then, as soon as the blog became more concrete in my mind as something to start, much of my commitment to it fizzled out. I am spectacularly good at procrastinating. I intend to do things. I even intend to do them NOW. Then I get distracted.

My, recently acquired, appalling short-term memory hasn't helped.

However, today I've done it. I've created a new blog, for the first time, Well, actually, the second time - my first attempt an hour or so ago had to be deleted because I mucked up the header design before I'd even published a single post. This time I've gone with simple. Simple is good.

I needed to start it today. It's 31st March. I wanted to use my naff post title - I don't have a spring in my step but it is undoubtedly Spring and it is the last day of March. Last chance, until next year and who wants to wait another year?

Whilst thinking about it, I don't spring. I don't jump. I don't run. I don't gambol like a lamb in the fields. Not on the outside. Not physically. But in my head, I can. In my head, I can surmount the limitations my condition places on me. Sometimes.

I have Multiple Sclerosis.
I'll have had it for years, many years, probably at least 17. I've known I have it for less than two years. If I manage to keep posting on this blog I will tell more about this, more about me. If anyone reads this perhaps they will get a glimpse of a life that has changed, the life that it was, the life that it is now.

For now, I'm pleased to have started a blog. I am marching onwards, you can imagine the spring in my step - I do.

This is how it is.