Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Taboo to you - BOO! I'm back!

It has been a ridiculously long time since I blogged and I am not going to try to explain why. Not least because I'm not sure why. Today I had a conversation with a dear friend who has a blog I didn't know about before (laraknowlden.blogspot.co.uk). Her most recent post included such truth and honesty it has inspired me to write here too.  This might be a diversion exercise as I should really be writing episode running scripts for my new online TV show http://www.wawow.co.uk!

Lara says: "In some ways depression and also the menopause are more taboo subjects to discuss than cancer." As I blur the lines between anonymity and a public face, it can be hard to be honest. To tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. There are so many taboos.

I am more honest about my multiple sclerosis than I used to be. It holds less fear for me to say I have MS when in professional situations. I more frequently take my stick with me when auditioning or meeting people who might be employers. Of course, this might just be that walking without it has become more difficult as I fall over. A lot. Don't worry, the ground always breaks my fall.

I expect fewer people know that I am in menopause and some of my regular meds are for (probably MS related) depression than know that I have MS. Yes, I take anti-depressants to keep the depression at bay. This makes me think of my need to attend continence advisory clinics. I have to remind myself that it is not with an 'incontinence' nurse. I seek continence, both bladder and bowel. Too much information? Is that the biggest taboo?

I confess here that not only am I having tests related to a mega period-like bleed despite being in menopause and on HRT (partly to protect my bone density). And I take the aforesaid antidepressants. And I have MS. I have also had several (more than 2 less than 10) 'accidents' recently. Is incontinence such a taboo that even medics refer to it as accidents with me? The accidents have meant I have to do more washing - the increase in washing detergent use alone must be part of what my DLA pays for. And a few weeks ago, I had to clean up the driving seat of the car I had only just bought. I didn't have to buy the car because of that 'accident'. In fact I am thankful the driver who rear-ended my previous car causing it to be written off, didn't also cause me to have an 'accident' of that nature. That would have been embarrassing. The driver works for an insurance company. I think that’s a bit embarrassing.

So, what are the taboos? As an honest person, how much about my life can I or should I talk about, openly and honestly? I am online dating in the hope of meeting someone with whom I can have a relationship. Is that a taboo too? What are taboos and what are examples of them? At least, I don't fart in public... oh, hang on, yes I do!