Thursday, 17 May 2012

10 things I (probably) wouldn't have done before

Before means before DX
  1. Fallen out of an airplane, deliberately that is and without it being an aerial emergency. Other people call it doing a tandem skydive. I did mine in aid of the MS Trust – they have today asked me to draw attention to a BBC R4 Appeal by one of the MS Trust founders, Chris Jones. It will be broadcast this Sunday (20 May) MS Trust Appeal 
  2. Flown a glider. Ok, I had previously had lessons in a fixed wing microlite and both two and four seat Cessnas but it’s really expensive doing those sorts of things. Now I seem to delight in the challenge and joy of being up in the air. The literal embodiment of so much of my life?
  3. Abseiled – I certainly never considered doing this before but now I have the opportunity to do it for charity (and I only really came upon this due to spending so much time at the hospital). So show me the hunky man holding a rope out for me and I’ll be on my way! You can sponsor me here:
  4. Ridden a segway – such fun that I am doing it again in a few weeks time. This is not in aid of any charity, unless you consider me having a good time is a charity and you would like to give me money to have fun. It certainly does my soul good!
  5. Hosted a Cake Break in aid of the MS Society UK.
  6. Hosted a Cake Break in aid of the MS Society UK.
  7. Hosted a Cake Break in aid of the MS Society UK.
  8. Hosted a Cake Break in aid of the MS Society UK. I know this is cheating a bit but I really am coming up to my fourth Cake Break and I doubt I’d even have held one if it hadn’t been for my own MS. The one on Sunday 10 June is incredibly special as writer/broadcaster/comic (and all round lovely man) Hardeep Singh Kohli will be cooking lunch for 40 people in my flat. Extraordinary and definitely attributable to my DX.
  9. Spoken at the Royal Institution (see previous blog post)
  10. Started blogging. I already used Facebook and Twitter and I enjoyed reading other people’s blogs but this is different. This is for me, and for you. I hope you enjoy reading. Perhaps I should start telling some jokes to make it more entertaining J
There was this doctor and this woman and a really bad MonSter… no, that’s not a joke. Just go to this site for some giggles: Squiffy's Joke Emporium (I wouldn’t have known about it before DX)

Please help me mark my 3rd DX Anniversary. It’s All4Cake! Cake Break


  1. Toots, Thanks for the giggles, I'm happy to see that after DX, you are living life too the max! M.S. puts road blocks in our path, finding a way to work around them is nice to hear for a change.

  2. Thank you Mary. I have always been a ridiculously positive person and was knocked for six when that positivity disappeared post-DX so I am delighted to be on form again. Toots x

  3. Wish someone would ask me to speak at the RI.

    Was the man with the rope hunky?

    1. I don't remember who was holding the rope (apart from me). I think I was focussing on not flipping upside down or dying! But it was a good experience and remarkably straightforward :-) I'd definitely do it again


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