Wednesday, 22 June 2011

All good things come to those who wait

I am often impatient. If I want something or want to do something, I want it now. That’s not to say I can’t wait for things, I just don’t like to. I can be very patient with other people. It’s just me I give a hard time to.

Today I went to the gym. I have been terrifically busy lately. Pushing myself in work and in life generally. That kind of work/life balance is throwing my personal balance all over the place. My doctor told me it’s a shame my balance is so poor because I’m very strong. No kidding.

Today’s gym visit was unexpected. I had thought I would be at home waiting for a delivery and taking the opportunity to plough through some paperwork before a meeting with the woman from the bank this afternoon. I didn’t have to wait for the delivery - it came five minutes into the delivery slot.  So I was able to go to the Wednesday morning Neuro Group session at my Disabled Living gym. I could have stayed at home and pressed on with the admin but I hadn’t been to the gym for about a month, despite being tired, I pushed myself to go. The paperwork could wait.

I was a bit wobbly at the gym but got through most of my physio set routine and then I went into town for my meeting. I found my legs were barely willing to walk. Amongst other equipment at the gym, I use the treadmill, walking at a 50-minute mile pace for 6 minutes. I am supposed to do 5 minutes but I always push myself to do that extra minute. I don’t know why. On the street in town today I doubt I was even reaching that heady speed.

I had to force myself to stop and rest. To eat some lunch. To drink some water. To wait for enough energy to move again.

Back home, I plunged into the admin. I sorted out claim forms, updated my Spotlight CV and did a range of other bits and bobs. And now, despite being exhausted and in danger of slipping over an edge into fatigue, I can’t wait any longer. I’m writing this.

I have a new man in my life! It was unexpected. I wasn’t waiting for a man. I haven’t had a ‘boyfriend’ for many years but now I have. I met him and we fell for each other. He is utterly wonderful. I would write more but I am seeing double which is always a sign that I am overtired. All I would add is I wanted him, he wanted me and, whilst all good things may come to those who wait, sometimes when you want something you don’t have to wait at all. As a dear friend of mine would say: He is a VERY GOOD THING.


  1. Yay...a new man! Beats the old one I have ;)

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