Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Not making a meal of things

My brain is scrambled eggs, legs are jelly, spine is shredded wheat but put me next to the sea and I am a smorgasbord of tranquility, peace and hope.

My flatmate and I took advantage of sunshine at the weekend to drive south to Chesil Beach. There is no sand there but a huge expanse of small pebbles. It was sunny but quite windy so the sea had crashing waves at the shore. The sound was fabulous.

Walking on the shifting ground was hard work but worth it, particularly when we found a perfect cuttle fish, spider crab shell and, remarkably, the fresh leg of an edible crab.

I don't know how the cancer pagarus had lost its leg but it may have been in a predator attack. Let's face it, if you are called an edible crab, things are going to eat you.

“Hello, who are you?”
“I’m an edible crab”
munch munch munch

I think they should all be called a Cyril.

“Hello, who are you?”
“I’m a Cyril”
 That's less appetising. (Please accept my apologies if you are called Cyril.)


  1. I love the sea. It soothes my soul. I have to settle for the Great Lakes here in my location in Canada...but it works almost as well!

  2. Smorgasbord is a word you don't come across often enough. I wonder if you get crab in a smorgasbord?


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