Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Living in the present

I’m not a great one for posting inspirational/wise thoughts on Facebook but this picture was shared by a friend. It caught my eye and made me think:
I don’t want to die having never really lived. I am determined to enjoy my life no matter what it throws at me. I sometimes do things other people might think are a bit mad. I have been up in a hot air balloon, jumped out of an airplane in a fundraising tandem skydive, had a trial gliding lesson, been on a segway.

Apart from the hot air balloon ride, which was a birthday present from my BFF, all these have happened since DX. Sometimes it seems that MS has been a life sentence but also a gift. 

I think my next madness may be abseiling down the side of the hospital to raise money for the neurology department. I would never even consider doing that if it hadn’t been for this gift. That is living in the present.

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  1. THe present moment is all any of really have. It would bea shame to waste it.


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