Monday, 3 October 2011

These 'phew' days

It’s been hot recently. It’s October so we didn’t really expect it. Yes, there were weather forecasts for an Indian summer but, honestly, who totally trusts the weather forecasters? I can see how it is by looking out of the window. Predicting how it will be is a different matter and they sometimes get it wrong.

Phew! It’s been hot. Hot and sunny. Occasionally hot and humid. Here ends the weather forecast or whatever the opposite of forecast is because they do like telling us how it was as well as predicting how it will be.

I don’t think I have detrimental MS effects due to heat. I may not think so or rather remember so but in fact I do. I get tired. I dehydrate quicker which has very bad effects on me. The trouble is I love being out in sunshine.
The excellent Multiple Sclerosis Resource Centre put this on Twitter recently: @MSRC Heat Intolerance Page You may find this page of use over these 'phew' days.

I may be easily pleased but I liked the use of ‘phew’. I hope there will be more days of sunshine. After just a few my spirits feel lifted. Perhaps next year I’ll even get the chance to wear a bikini. No, maybe not. I’d need severe body shape changing first.

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