Thursday, 26 July 2012

Switched on

What is the first thing you do when you wake / get up? While I’m still in bed I will usually check my mobile – texts, Twitter, Facebook, emails – not necessarily in that order. I often switch on the bedroom TV for BBC Breakfast News.

Today I had a text about a delivery from The DX – I had no idea what it is for until I later got an email and realised it was tickets for an Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra gig in October: Amanda Palmer at KOKO. I almost never buy tickets for things in advance, let alone months in advance. I blame Twitter for seducing me into pledging support for her Kickstarter project. As long as you are cool about a little bit of nudity you can see/listen to one of her singles here: Want It Back

Back to first things. Bathroom ablutions – switch on radio, brush teeth, shower, moisturise face (inc SPF 15 – every day regardless of sunshine), sometimes I remember to moisturise body and/or use suntan lotion SPF 25.

Somewhat unusually for me (and the weather), it has been very hot at night. So today, I stripped my bed of bottom and middle sheets, put fresh linen on and loaded the washing machine which I remembered to switch on.

I might remember to have breakfast, I often don’t. Today I went into the kitchen where the washing machine is and put bread in the toaster, switched it on but completely forgot the toast was there for an hour or so. Fortunately my toaster has a reheat function. So I put the cold toast on the rack and switched the toaster on again. I had already switched on the TV and my laptop.

I had also remembered to take the battery for my new electric bike off charge. I had switched it on last night. So as well as driving a hybrid car which automatically switches between using the electric engine, the petrol engine or both, I now can use an electric bike. It is fabulous and I paid extra to have a throttle so I can get going from a standing start. This is particularly useful for me as I live at the top of a hill and there are traffic lights at the bottom.

I sold my existing folding bike and am giving my ladies mountain bike to my BFF. Her current bike is very old and a bit decrepit. She cycles pretty much every day so it’s going to be good to be able to replace the ancient with something far less rusty. I know she’ll try to pay me for it but I will refuse. I owe her so much. Both monetary and other kindnesses. I’m not sure which one of us will win on that. She’s coming round at 7 so hopefully I can persuade her that buying me a meal at a pub will be good recompense. She is walking to my flat and we will cycle to our favourite local hostelry.

It’ll be like being teenagers again but with fewer zits and less electronic devices. Have you been counting how switched on I am? PS I always switch devices off but my conscience stays mostly switched on all the time.

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