Thursday, 11 April 2013

It's not the Andes

I went to the gym as usual on Wednesday morning. Okay, it's not entirely usual in that some Wednesdays I'm busy doing something else, debilitated by MS fatigue or simply not in the mood. Wednesday morning is Neuro Group at Oxsrad. From 10 til 12, we work out gently and constructively. There is always a physio or physio assistant there. Some people come with their own carer / partner / companion / coach. We all support each other. Noone says "do more, work harder, faster, more weight".

I was quite pleased with myself yesterday. Not just because I went to the gym. I did my full routine - every exercise planned by my physio - no more, no less this time. Whilst taking a little rest between units, I chatted with a (now) friend who attends and often astounds with the level at which he exercises. Fast and high impact. He has slowed down a lot recently and says he is benefitting from taking things a bit steadier. I came up with this analogy -

Each unit of exercise/use of a machine is like climbing a mountain. It's not easy but we do it. And then we go on and tackle another mountain. However, we often need to have a rest in between mountains. This allows our bodies to process what we've just done. We may be in the middle of a major mountain range but we don't have to tackle it all in one go.

Coincidentally, today I googled the Andes and the page I clicked on - Andes - is headed with an advert for Serif's WebPlus. I have just created a brand new website for my professional persona as an actor. I've never done one before. Using a WebPlus package, it didn't take me too long to design the site but the hardest bit seemed to be publishing it. I have succeeded and will have the control to update my website whenever I want. It was a big learning mountain to climb and I am sure there will still be unseen rocky outcrops to navigate. But it's not the Andes and I don't have to tackle it all in one go. Good luck with whatever mountains you encounter and conquer today.

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