Saturday, 13 August 2011

For the Longest Time

It’s that time of year again. I’m not there but I have hugely fond memories of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. I went about six or seven times in consecutive years. Four of those years were with productions rather than just going to see other people’s shows.

When I was at university going to the Fringe was a major summer focus.
We were all-singing, all-dancing in the days before most companies were out on the streets publicising their shows. We were organised. One year I was the company administrator and I remember having to get people up after our late night binges to go out and drum up audiences. We had good audiences.

In 1985, the LA Times witnessed our routines in front of the Fringe Office. We got a big picture in their newspaper – it’s crumpled and blurred but you can still make out our striking T-shirts through the rain. 
I regret not being able to find my ZTC T-shirt now. I probably had cut off the sleeves from the start – that was the fashion then. I may have used it for painting in since. Perhaps it got splattered. I don’t know where it is. Not that I would wear it but it is a reminder of the songs we used to sing. Like For the Longest Time

We changed the lyrics to include show titles and venue names. The songs became our publicity vehicles. I still hum the tunes even if I don’t remember all the words we used.

Recently, at a friend’s 50th birthday celebrations, another friend and I started singing some of our bastardised versions of the songs. It seems like the tunes will be in our heads for the longest time. I know we performed at a venue called Celtic Lodge perhaps there was one with chapel in its name which would have lead to a version of this song: Chapel of Love

My memory of recent events may be bad but some of my memories from years gone past are the sweetest things.

(NB Nothing to do with this but I quite like the video! - Sweetest Thing)

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