Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Keeping count

I’m the daughter of a mathematician. Both my brother and sister have superb mathematics A levels. My BFF is a maths specialist. What can I count on?

I can count but not rely on my pacmans. Today I got this text from my MS Specialist Nurse: Yr pacmans are improving well. But not up to restart levels. Stay of drug + can I do bloods on 9th august plse?

I had been thinking about going to Dublin to see my wonderful friend Nev next week. I hadn’t booked a flight yet but was going to look into it today, partly as a result of teasing and cajoling by MyMan on the phone last night. That’s a ‘you can’t count on me’ outcome.

I am counting down the days til the blood test. Then I’ll be counting down til the results but I can’t really count on when those will come given that I thought I would get today’s message last Friday.

The only thing we can truly count on is that we live and then we die. That’s not being morbid just a simple fact. And given that it is true, we should all make the living bit as wonderful as possible.

So I can’t book flights for Dublin but I can, as suggested by @Dr_Neil_ on Twitter, have “more rest, fine dining and afternoon trips to the cinema”.

He also pointed out the positivity of the observation my pacmans are improving which I overlooked in the annoyance that they’re not up to drug restart levels.

On 5 August Super 8 opens at the cinema (UK). Cowboys and Aliens is coming on 17th. This week I’m going to see Beginners with my BFF, admittedly not in the afternoon but it’ll still be a cinema trip. I’m considering a matinee viewing of The Tree of Life. The cinema element of my Pacmans Regeneration Campaign will be on in earnest. You can count on that.

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