Tuesday, 27 September 2011

I cain't say No

Of course, I can say 'No' - see, I just said it. But I do seem to find it really hard to say no to many things. That dollop of ice cream. That glass of wine. That acting job on a date in a week with lots of other days already booked. That night with MyMan.

Those last two might be the worst. Fortunately MyMan is good at remembering I am not supposed to overdo things and puts his sensible head on so we don't see each other every day that we could. It would mean me driving extra distances, spending time with him when I could be resting alone. Fatigue is a real pain in the arse. So we skype or phone instead. But the acting jobs... oh, he has no control over those.

Today I accepted a job on a date I already had booked to do office cover at a firm of solicitors where I sometimes work. I would much rather not do the office job so it's good I could cancel it to have this roleplay instead. But, and it's a big But, the new job will involve driving 80 miles or so there and back, possibly staying over the night before, and this is in a week when I am already booked for three other days of roleplay jobs. None of them near to where I live.

This week I'm not working anywhere except at home. Next week the madness begins again. Multiple different roleplays and rehearsals for a piece I'll be performing in mid-October. Oh and that piece is performing on the Sunday of that week when I am now doing four days of wide flung roleplay jobs. I surely am that girl who just cain't say no.

And this one is just because Hugh Jackman can really sing! Oklahoma!

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  1. He can do everything!

    Take it easy and rest when you can.


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