Thursday, 21 April 2011

15 Things I Drop

I used to have a firm grasp of things. At least I think I did. Now my brain is like scrambled eggs and not lovely fresh, golden yolked, free range scrambled eggs. No, my brain is more like the insipid pale, slightly watery scrambled eggs you get in dodgy budget hotels. Lots of things seem to drop from my scrambled eggs.

I'm sure it’s the scrambled eggs for brains that also means stuff drops from my fingers. Often and repeatedly. It’s not my fault. That gravity thing is very strong, who am I to compete?

In no particular order, 15 things I drop are:

1. KEYS – house keys, car keys, the key to the mystery of the universe (okay, not the last one, I’m keeping hold of that).

2. FILOFAX – yes, I still use a filofax. When I drop it, papers often fall out. One of these might be my drugs list (see 3).

3. PILLS – I take a lot of meds. At the moment, my 8am meds are two capsules and one tablet, when I am back on the drug trial study (hopefully next week if today’s blood test shows my Pacmans have increased) it will be three capsules and the tablet; at 2pm it’s just two capsules; at 8pm I take two capsules and two tablets. On top of that there are the ‘as necessary’ mega strong painkillers plus Paracetamol and Ibuprofen. Drop any or all of those and I apply the Five second rule

4. PEN – remember them? I use a pen most days. Dropping an ink pen in bed can be very messy.

5. WALKING STICK – sometimes it’s not that I drop it, more that it has a life of its own and falls. This is pretty much a daily occurrence.

6. MAKE UP – when putting on mascara, dropping it can result in particularly attractive pseudo camouflage effects on the face.

7. SHAMPOO BOTTLE – this is not a huge problem in the shower except that the resulting excess of bubbles would rival any children’s party and, when it hits the bath, it’s loud.

8. MOBILE PHONE – the worst drop was into the snow. I applied the five second rule. Not that I ate my mobile but I picked it up and it worked – at first. I don’t own that mobile any more. Water damage.

9. EARRINGS – often these are actually studs which are very hard to find on the floor. They bounce.

10. LISTS – I make lists for all sorts of things. To-do lists, shopping lists, phone lists, repeated reminder lists. I may lose a list or drop a list. I sometimes don’t realise I’ve done either of these things and certainly can’t find it once it’s gone.

11. REBIF CAPSULE/NEEDLE – I don’t inject now so this is no longer an issue but I did once drop a needle and couldn’t find it at first. I used to inject in my bedroom so the thought of a random needle being on the floor was worrying. I found it later that night. Fortunately not by treading on it.

12. WATER BOTTLE – I am supposed to drink a lot of water. I have a lot of water bottles in lots of different rooms and two in my car. When I drop them at least it’s only water that spills.

13. CUTLERY – it’s annoying when I drop this particularly if there is yummy food on it. Especially if it’s the last mouthful of that food. Somehow it doesn’t seem right to apply the five second rule to food on cutlery.

14. DRINKING GLASS – smashing. Literally.

15. TOAST – not only does it land butter side down but the last time I dropped toast it had marmalade on. It landed marmalade side down. I was outside – does the five second rule still apply?
I ate it.

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever dropped?


  1. You really don't need to worry about the five second rule with pills and tablets. They have a nice smooth surface so dust doesn't stick.

    As for toast, it should sometimes land marmalade side up, but only if you've put the marmalade on the wrong side.

  2. I'm always dropping hints but the Ferrari never appears in my driveway.
    I drop clangers especially in social situations so I try to avoid them.
    I've never dropped a stitch as I don't...ah.....stitch.
    And I don't drop my 'aitches' either as I'm not a Yorkshire native.
    I do drop in to see friends though and hope to see you soon, Toots.

  3. Regordane - I don't think I'll experiment deliberately dropping toast to find the right side. Is that the top side or do you only get top side of beef?
    Silverback - I will have to hold you to that. Your drops don't seem very bad at all.

  4. Your list made me laugh. My drops usually happen in embarassing situations; the frustrating part is that I don't realize I'm dropping anything until I hear it hit the floor. I dropped a glass coffee caraff at work - shattered all over the floor; I don't think it was empty. I dropped a full covered cup of coffee on a co-worker's newly carpeted cubicle - the lid popped off. I'm sure there are many more examples, but they've dropped out of my memory for the moment.


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