Monday, 25 April 2011

A Vague Memory of Today

Today has been a good day. A sunny day. A day with friends. I have enjoyed today.

Tomorrow I may have forgotten today.

At one point today the conversation turned to something that I knew related to something I had done recently. I didn’t remember what. In fact now I don’t remember the conversation.

This is how it is. Occasionally it bothers me but mostly nowadays I can shrug and accept that short term memory lapses are common to many people. I would like to remember how today started but I’m honestly not sure.

Thinking back I know I was running late this morning. I used to be a very punctual person. Always ready and waiting. Early in fact. As an actor, I abide by the concept that if you are not five minutes early, you are ten minutes late. My friends were coming to pick me up at quarter to 12. They are renowned for being late. However, recently they have started being on time for things. It’s very confusing!

Just before 11.45 there was a knock at the door. I let my BFF in. It didn’t take me long to put food in a cool bag, grab my friend’s birthday present, find my sunglasses, put on a light jacket, deliberate over what to wear on my feet. I was the one who was late. My friends waited for me. They’ve become very patient with me and learned that I am not the same person I once was.

So, before I forget, today we went to Waterperry Gardens. BFF’s husband set up an easter egg hunt. He hid little cards with eggs printed on them. There were small, medium and one large card. The idea was find the cards and then claim your egg. There were a couple of drawbacks to holding this private easter egg hunt in a public place. Firstly, other groups of people had the same idea and their eggs were hid around the place too. Secondly, BFF’s husband hid the cards over a huge area of the gardens/fields. I am not experienced in such things but I suspect easter egg hunts are more manageable and less time consuming when confined to a single building/garden

I walked over to the nearest possible bit. I was already tired out by the time I got there. I had a little look around and then BFF’s husband gave me a hint as to where a couple of the cards were. I found one and considered that was enough for me.

After a long time (it was an epic easter egg hunt) we sat in the sun (sun shy folk sat in the shade) and had a huge picnic. As is usually the case, most of us had brought more food than we could each possibly eat. We played some games. We sat and chatted. Some of us looked round the garden centre. Some of the children climbed trees. Some of the adults joined them.

It was a good day. It may not be a hugely memorable day but, with me, even the most memorable days are easily forgotten.

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  1. Would it help if took more photographs or videos, then you could look at them later on and exercise your short-term memory?

    I'm enjoying your blog, its interesting.


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