Monday, 18 April 2011

Packing it in

My BFF has recently come back from a walking tour in Scotland. She was telling me last night how easy she finds it to be highly organised about and on holidays. She carries minimal luggage and happily travels alone (in this instance leaving her husband at home).

I, on the other hand, recently packed the hugest bag on wheels I own to be away for less than a week. Yet I always say to myself whenever I go out - "mobile, keys, money". As long as I have those three things (money really means wallet containing credit cards and cash), I figure I can do anything.

Following my BFF's example, I have resisted packing another big bag  for tonight's one night away.

It's a Monday so previously I would have had to have considered my injection kit. Now I don't. I have meds for today and tomorrow. I have a change of clothes, toothbrush, toothpaste, book, phone charger, 'mobile, keys, money' and, most importantly, presents for family members I am going to see. It's all packed in a small backpack. (Well, one of the presents isn't - the plant in a vaseful of water might object to being squashed into a backpack.)

I have enough baggage as it is without carrying more.

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