Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Bathroom thoughts

I’m a shower girl. Always have been. A long soak in a bath is all very well but nowadays it could be tricky for me.

I have a shower bench across my bath which would have to be removed. I would have to feel strong enough to be able to get in and out of the bath. (After being in hot/warm water for a long time, my balance is sometimes particularly dodgy.)

Anyway, I don’t think a bath really gets you clean. It uses a lot of water and you wallow there amid the soap and your own dirt. With a shower the water is fresh and you use less of it. I have a shower every morning.

I love my bathroom. It’s not huge. It doesn’t have room for a chair. There’s a sink, a toilet, a cupboard, a bath with a shower over it. Nothing special you might think. But I think my bathroom is particularly conducive to creativity, dreaming and play.

I have a watery, beach theme to the room. There are pictures of dolphins, boats, beach, whale and palm tree. A visiting friend somewhat doubtfully commented that it has a 'strong' theme.

Indeed it does. It’s a theme I find inspirational.

I come up with all sorts of ideas whilst I’m having my morning shower. In my head, I write.

Unfortunately, I suffer from very poor short term memory. I didn’t use to. It’s a MS symptom that particularly annoys me.

I have no idea how many great bathroom thoughts have escaped me within minutes or seconds of completing my ablutions.

I do know one of my thoughts was that it would be really good to have a waterproof dictaphone type apparatus in the shower. When I’m out and about I often record thoughts as voice memos on my iPhone. I want to be able to do that in the bathroom too.

I do keep a pen and post-it pad in there. But even remembering my thoughts between having them in the shower and getting out of it is not a certainty.

It is possible to buy waterproof or, more accurately, water resistant radios for the bathroom/shower. I want a waterproof recorder.


  1. I've always loved your bathroom. Reminds of a lovely beach hut :)

  2. In your case you do not need a waterproof recorder.

    Take a normal recorder with mechanical command keys, and wrap it in a transparent ziplock bag. The waves of the sound of your voice will cross the membrane of the plastic bag without much distortion.

    I bring a recorder with me to the swimming pool, leave it on the border to record thoughts that occur to me during laps. I wrap it in a plastic bag so that it does not get wet, and my voice is clearly audible.

    I searched for a while for a "real" waterproof recorder, one you could take with you inside the water, then go up and record your voice once in the air, without success, but that's ok as I usually manage to keep thinking the same idea during two laps before recording it.


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